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James Hetfield - Metallica: The Videos (1989-2009)

I was going to make this a birthday post but I prefer to make it useful to the rest of the year xD Anyway, happy bday again, Mr. Hetfield!


   ”I choose to live, not just exist.”
- Hetfield


Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls
Robert Trujillo: What was the motivation with ...Justice... and that whole style? Because I'd even like to know that.
James Hetfield: (laughing) This is about the Black Album, man! Come on!
Lars Ulrich: He's asking where it started. I'll answer your question. Up at CNE in Toronto, we played with Aerosmith. Remember, we did like two or three show with Aerosmith?
Kirk Hammett: Outdoors.
Lars Ulrich: Yeah, outdoors, right before we started writing. I think it was just Aerosmith, Metallica and some other band. Remember, it was like we played in Toronto and there was one show in America that Fleming (Rassmussen) couldn't get to because he didn't have a visa or something.
James Hetfield: Ted Nugent was on the American one, I know.
Lars Ulrich: Think so?
James Hetfield: Yeah, I think it was like in the Lakes area. That was the first time I met Steven Tyler.
Steffan Chirazi: Was it uncomfortable to realize that there was a part of you that wanted to work with someone like Bob Rock, who was working with Aerosmith and Motley Crue and had done Bon Jovi, and that you were Metallica and you had done ...And Justice For All, and you were 'very heavy and uncompromising?'. Was there any turmoil about that?
James Hetfield: I don't think there was. We were guarded. We were protecting Metallica, of course, as we always do, but we knew. Here's where we want to go. And we needed help. We needed a little help. We needed it to be fatter, bigger. (With ...Justice...) we were more precise and thinner and narrower, but the songs were crazy. It was like 'how much can we show off, how much can we push in your face?' And then we realized that live, it is a vibe, but we're not getting the interaction. We're not getting the reaction and interaction with the crowd that we want. The 'hey, hey' stuff like that. So we knew that we had to get somebody else in there to help us get some sounds and show more muscle to it.